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Method of earning rs gold and potions in game - Slaughter Dragon Fable

In the changeable demon world, maybe the rs gold and potions are not the most important, but it is absolutely necessary. Even if a warrior, also needs the body content taken alongside. Maybe it is the last you straw saving your life when you are dying.

Baicao Garden Agritainment
In the Slaughter Dragon Fable, the powerful warrior also has to surrender. Baicao garden collection is a solution to the task of burning issue. Potions, rs gold and experience can be found here and they will meet demand. When the player which find NPC (collection master), the (baicao garden collection) task, you can enter it to pick mushrooms and red light grass. All of them are helpful for increasing blood points and the tapping points! If you think task requirements are not enough to get three trees. The lovely gardener can also provide you with packing service; let you put it into the bag. Home delivery service, ah baby!
No matter how few props stronghold, no matter how many price of props rise up, whether mading soldiers, or making construction, all of those need rs gold. In case of having rs gold, we will be able to buy!

How to bid?
  • Participate in the auctions consumption of currency: purple rs gold (un- binding).
  • Each round of the first bid is full bid, and in the continuing bid players just need to make up the rs gold of the last bid you will win the auction and get it through mail system.
  • If your bids failed, it will return purple rs gold through the mail system.
  • The longest time for a singletons auction: 30 minutes.
  • If singletons auction time up to 30 minutes it will be arrange the highest bid for auction in the last time.

Make Rs Gold By Mining
Baicao garden can cure only internal injury, but pouch without money is difficult to heal. When your rs gold is not enough in the game, how can players earn a lot of rs gold in the shortest time? The known-everything map transfer member would tell you the answer. In the part of the conversation with transfer you can choice ‘mining make money’ then you can go into the mysterious mines. Here, a player will dug up different quality ore and sell it to the owner of the weapons, you can earn the rs gold easily and just put it into the bag!
Ore brings rs gold, beside is still prop of some quests! So after player enters the transfer door, it is better to find ore mine position as quickly as you can, or the inside of the ore is being gone! The quartermaster in the ore mine is NPC specialized for the collection of arms item. Players turn in eight pieces of silver ore then can get 1 piece of binding rs gold and 80 point experience rewards. And other minerals will send rewards higher. Go hard with the rs gold mining, fighters.

Rs Gold auction
A lot of people say making rs gold is difficult. In fact, it is not so difficult. The key point is just if you want to make and how to make. Buy low and sell high etc., this is the method of earning rs gold.

Auction time: rs gold will be sold in precious equipment auction on every Wednesday, Saturday.
Auction equipment sources: Hunting countries use ancient goblins replication process.
Trading currency: using the game rs gold for payment.

If there is not enough money in this game it is difficult to experience the fun of the game. Players must have enough gold to buy equipment and all kinds of consumables. The most simple is attacking other's enemy. The general soldiers can get a small amount of rs gold and destroying the hero can get more rs gold. But you can imagine the difficulty.

Striking enemy heroes can get rs gold reward. The amount depends on how many heroes have been struck recently (struck high level heroes, players get more rs gold). Getting first blood players will have extra rs gold reward. Giving the last straw hero will get most of the rs gold reward and other hero participating struck will also get some rs gold reward (assist conditions: cause damage to the hero in 10 seconds before his death).

Even though hero does not kill any unit of enemy force, he still can get rs gold. This is called passive income. All heroes will increase rs gold per second. And specific passive income amount are related with runescape, summon skill or sage stones these props that can receive rs gold.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Tips of how to make RS Gold faster and easier include member character

Essentially these are many RS gold sites and other MMO virtual currency trade websites today. They allow you to buy rs gold and all the other virtual items of MMO game which we hope will be helpful and informative to our game experience. Those RS gold sites allow us to sell to or buy from them with some instant delivery service and that's what we're after. One important thing to notes is that you should choose some formal sites. These formal RS gold sites generally only need you to provide the character name of Runescape (Also known as RS) which is for delivery. And they never ask you to give the RS gold back after they trade it to you face to face in game. So DO NOT trusts any other character in Runescape because they are usually gold cheater.
So now we have our fast RS gold, we can log in game and enjoy our fun time. think it’s the best way to get RS gold piece and you’ll understand everything this way.

Is there a few million when your Runescape character power level is only zero? Ah sounds good. But since you are not a member why do you want so much money?
nyway, you are not a member, and then make RS gold the fastest way is doing what like the following:
  1. If your woodcutting is more than 70, you can try cutting yews tree, generally 60k RS gold per hour, the higher the level, the faster.
  2. If you magic 31 (I remember) above, to the chaos temple with telegrab takes zamorak wine, generally around 100k RS gold per hour.
  3. If the character's mining level more than 85 digging rune ores, one hour 500k-1mil RS gold (do not lie to you ^^).
  4. Smith steel bars, buy coal and iron ore, to cupola furnace iron making, should not be a problem 100k RS gold per hour.
  5. Since you have a few RS gold can go to the grand exchange stocks, if you determine the correct day to earn a few hundred k is a mere trifle.
  6. The fire strike to kill blue dragons. Hiding place they could not find one hour 100k gold. Done lunar diplomacy and use the teleport to waterbirth pick snape grass, get 200-350k RS gold piece per hour.
  7. Cut magic trees, woodcutting level high a lot of gold. Yews best not to cut, slow to make gold.
  8. To pest control points to change the herb pack, a pack 40k value of herbs.
  9. To 40 herblore do the prayer potions can make RS gold.
  10. Flax made ​​bow string.
  11. Buy coal and iron, the first made ​​of steel bars and then made ​​cannon balls, but you need to finish a quest.
  12. Kill out clue of things such as blue dragons, green dragons, minotaurs, alkhraid guards and then get a clue scroll the scroll to do well earn several RS millions of gold. If the series is good enough, you can try PVP, the best membership can kill a person have 1 mill.
  13. To buy a bunch of sapphire necklace and emerald rings and then enchant spell them to become a games necklace or ring of dueling, one can earn 200 RS gold cash.

My character now is level-120 member: jouency. If you like we can play together sometime. =)
Additional: becomes a member character can earn RS gold more easily. Just like one of my equipment – Bandos is worthy about 40mils RS gold. If you become a member then, in only one hour you can earn more than 300k RS gold, and that is a mere trifle. As the game's fun, you may like to judge by yourself!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Strategy of "Justice League: EFD" and gold modification

Justice League: EFD is produced by a South Korea game industry that gets the DC official authorization of Netmarble and adapted it into the popular Android platform. In the game, players can play first five super hero of Justice League: batman, superman, wonder woman, flash and the green man. As the game goes on, the character’s combat skills will continue power up, and at the same time, players can also get some a series of released clothing to custom. In addition, the game mixes some RPG elements together. Players can use the "hero card" equipment to strengthen the attributes and skills of character.

In the game you can operate superman, batman, wonder woman, green man, or flash to save the world! Every hero will have special ability to upgrade, including 6 active and passive skills. Superman has thermal vision, batman has special small tools, wonder woman has golden truth Lasso, and they all have powerful combo attack skill. The attack feeling is very good, and every hero will have a characteristic, their skills also are amazing. If player want to collect all the hero cards you should make every hero pass levels.

About the character attributes

Every hero can get two attribute points when they power up 1 level. It can be used to improve ability of character, including: POWER, FOCUS, WILL. POWER attribute can promote attack power. FOCUS can promote crit chance and critical strike damage. WILL can improve energy cap and energy recovery rate.

As one of the super hero, batman with its variety of small tools is very famous. But in this game the props you can use are only bat darts and cable gun these two kinds. He has simple and practical skills. Some attributes are very clear, player just need to try very hard to add FOCUS poins.

Active skills:
  • Batarang, launched a dart, just cost a little magic point, CD is short. It is better to use this skill when character is out of blood and need to attack BOSS.
  • Kung Fu Kick, kick enemy into the air and it can be continuous used.
  • Bladed Batarang, charge forward and continuous attack the enemy.
  • Batman Bomb, jump back and leave a Bomb in suit to damage the enemy.
  • Batswarm, summon a large number of bats to attack against the enemy.
  • Batwing, be used to fly into the air and left a large number of bombs on the ground.

Passive skills:

  • Size up, increases your critical strike chance.
  • Weapon Upgrade, increase Batarang, Batarang Cutter, Bat Bomb and Batwing damages.
  • Adrenaline Rush, recover the life point and energy when use crit.
  • Acrobatic Assault, transfer spirit into damage.
  • Rush, add attack power when the enemy of life point is low.
  • The Dark Knight, increases your critical strike damage.

Superman with his super ability is famous, including invincible flesh, the laser eye cutting everything. But superman’s recovery ability is general in five of the hero. He has strong body, and all skills are turn to play resistance type. It will definitely make you to go from strength to strength.

Active skills:
  • Flight, fly into the air, attacks will fall to the ground.
  • Uppercut, risen dragon fist, beat the enemy flying into the air.
  • Heat Vision, eyes shoot laser to destroy the entire enemy ahead.
  • Rush Attack, charge forward and cause damage to enemy on the road.
  • Freeze Breathe, spit out the gas frost to damage surrounding enemies.
  • Earthquake, after fly to the air then surrounding slams the ground; cause a lot of damage to enemy.

Passive skills:
Symbol of Power, increases the damage.
Strength of Will, increases the maximum life value and when character is injured it can be used to restore energy.
Power Punch, increase skill damage, reduces the cool down time.
Toughness, increase defense force.
Yellow Sun Boost, increases the healing rate and crit chance.
The Man of Steel, when the life value is lower than 35% it can be used to increase the attack and defense force.

Modify rs gold
Writer tries to use eight artifact working directly to earn rs gold, but it was not successful. However we can modify combo number to achieve the purpose of making rs gold.
The method is as follows: first try to pass level and make a search of the combo number, the combo number is 72. And then re-enter task, at the beginning the combo number of course is 0, continue to search 0. Then after pass this level, do re-search combo number of this level, such as the combo number twenty. When you have searched a data, it will be changed to 999999 and lock. Again do the task, and do not do regard anything. If you pass this level the modified combo number of rs gold will become true reward then!

Revise attributes
The game is not considering the feelings of cash gamers, when hero dies he/she can't use rs gold resurrection. This can't reflect the player's superiority, though cash hero gets the rs gold but attribute still have to be added bit by bit. This will be relatively simple. Just search the corresponding numerical attributes, and then add it, search again, until the last one change to two data. Modification a digital of the tow data, change it to whatever you what, and then point can be determined. Then a super batman will be born.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Get to know how we can start ETERNITY WARRIORS

Combat skills 1: When enemy enters I draw back, and the enemy draws back me enter.
Fight with the enemy players should use the detouring operations and try to avoid being under siege with a large group of enemy. Click on "this lucky ranking", we can see that lucky ranking will send rs gold rewards. OhOh. Players can attack the green plants in battlefield; it may cause a certain degree of splash damage against the nearby enemy. There are some physical properties hidden in the battle field of skull which will help you refresh the life value. Positive direct attack is invalid against some enemy, and then you may need to try attacking from different parts. Restart the game will complete unlock process (complete version of Buy-ins and extra 80 million rs gold released). In addition, if the attack is effective the body of be attacked monster body will flash. Perfect killing or no injury breakout is refers to that the player can controls game role to avoid any physical impairment condition destroyed and do perish all enemy in 1 round. If the player is able to complete perfect killing more times, the more yellow soul value your game role gets.

Combat skills 2: Get help from friends.
Open game map and click enter "bistro" player can invite Game-Center or FaceBook friends in combat. Login Game-Center player may use character friends to make combat which will be a lot easier. To join in battle with friends together can bring a certain amount of experience income, and also activate daily reward gifts. Open map to click enter the "shop" player can buy weapons and equipment and various consumer items. Tips: You can go to patronage shop regularly and buy weapons, equipment in order to enhance the strength of character and meanwhile buy property in order to prolong the battlefield vitality. Open map and click enter the "bank" player can be directly realize credit card transactions, buy the game rs gold or blue diamond, or mutual exchange. Open map and click enter "smelting workshop" player can make the yellow soul extraction conversion which you obtained in the battle before. There are six melting furnace are available. The longer the time of smelting, the player has the higher the bonus game rs gold.

Combat skills 3: Continuous operations, upgrade faster.
The soul of the draw enemy number with continuous clear enemy increase with the increase of the session. Blue soul point is for upgrading your experience. Level up of character can make you gain more strength, and can also release some weapons and equipment in store. Yellow soul point is for melting element. The higher the number of combo, weapon can kill tank up faster. The yellow soul points will also be increased. Just replace file without any risk, the subsequent will upgrade version, rs gold and other info will continue to keep. Click on the characters, go to have a talk. There will be reward appears, sometimes reward is rs gold. Player needs to make smelting extraction by using yellow soul right after the battle, thus acquire game rs gold. It shows the points of yellow soul in the top right hand corner. The more the point of yellow soul, the extra point will be got more.

Combat practice 4: choose the right weapons; get twofold results with half the effort.
Weapons and equipment also have different level. The higher the level of weapons comprehensive ability is stronger. Weapons and equipment will have an effect on attack, defense, speed and skill effects of your character. Each weapon proficiency are 3 period of ascension space. The time of using a weapon longer, the skills degree is higher. The opening degree of proficiency in pure copper can promote experience extra 10%, and it will help you develop a new unlock of weapons technology. A binary silver skilled degree can promote experience extra 20% and unlock weapons continuous skill. The terminal rs gold skill will improve experience addition 30% and unlock all weapon combinations. And player may like to try the daily activities, as long as you accumulate 30 points, you can change it for 7 rs gold, and 90 poins for 22 rs gold.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Guide for Fishing Joy and knack of making rs gold

Since the Fishing Joy online launched in April there is a really craze spend to real world. All my friends, colleague and family nearby like to play it. I am also a big fan of Fishing Joy. Recently this game has produced a new version: the new Hawaii world. It is very powerful. There is a double gold reward and treasure box. It's a good chance to make rs gold in new version. I have played it for a few days. There are some good experiences to share with everyone.

Here is a new Hawaii figure:

The new version of the Hawaii has double gold area, and it is a good place for earn rs gold. But if you want to open the double gold area, you must spend 1000 rs gold. However I think it is worth doing. In double gold area the laser can be got more easily. You just need to enter the double gold area and save more than a half of the laser progress bar, then you can click the bar to suspend. Select general gold area to catch sharks. In double gold area there is long sword fish which swim very quickly, but it's easy to catch. My girlfriend had caught it 2 times in just three minutes. This will bring you 400 rs gold. Ah, awesome! These ten points fish is very easy to catch in double gold area. You just follow the rhythm of the 10 points fish. One thing is important: do not shoot fish at random. If you do that way you will lose lots of rs gold. And remember to switch different gun in the fishing season. This is the critical point of me to make rs gold.

The devil fish has a high speed, so it is difficult to find an appreciative moment to take the output of the opportunity. And the most appreciative moment is shooting the devil fish when its wings opening. You just hit the middle of the screen position and four corners. Of course the final effective hit also depends on the actual operation and luck. When the devil fish and angelfish crowds out, the best hit point is fort on the edge and the middle position. If pumping rate is good you can consider use 5 volleying hits. Of course requirement of this operation is very high, so I do not recommend new players using this.

There is a treasure box reward in new version of Fishing Joy. If lucky you will meet a treasure box filled 200 rs gold COINS. If unlucky you can get at least 100 rs gold from box. Remember do not keep the treasure box which has been triggered. Or you only can get 1 rs gold reward when you open the next treasure box. And you can not use a laser gun shooting the treasure box. Remember don't use a laser shooting treasure box.

The normal way of making rs gold didn't change. I have tested it. If player uses level 4 gun to shoot and then level 7 gun to receive money basically you can earn stable rs gold. In the worst condition you just lose about 300 rs gold. It is enough if you have earned 1000 rs gold in general area. When you can open the double gold area you should try to get laser and then go back to the general area to catch shark. I have made a test. You can earn 560 rs gold if there is enough fish.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Rookie player teach you how to accumulate rs gold fast in Warring States

It is always lack of money when you want to use any. Generally feeling the rs gold in game is always not enough. Why is it so rare? The following is some experience how I accumulate rs gold. For reference only.

Fight for strongholds. This is one of the principal means of rs gold.
1: Choose site.
First find an open ground in the map. These places for cash players can also be selected. Observe one or two days. (There are a lot of high-level player is not playing ordinary stronghold).
Choose right stronghold which will not be robed then move your city here. Try to build up the branch city. If you take a walk to branch city it should cost you 30mins. And in an area, there is always a stronghold near by the castle.

To be familiar with the coordinate concept of the game map and remember the coordinates of every stronghold and its branch city. Then you can dispatch troops from the nearest city when you find a new stronghold.

2: Choose the best hero.
You’d better to get a VIP membership. Personal Suggestions choose Lin xiangru is the best who is 10 level power points, the fastest speed, and attack far treasure has accelerated.

3: More cavalries, with high level speed.
The same damage cavalry does save food, don't count armors. A level-4 stronghold can make lots of rs gold, materials, props and hero. And it is absolutely more than what you lose of the armors.

Occupation stronghold requirements are: find faster, sending troops faster, loss less. If you can follow these requirements, you will absolutely get more strongholds than others.

Attack and occupy:
The warring states will fight as we all know. Attacking against the other party may capture hero and occupy treasure, resources and food, and all these things can be sold.
First walk to the market, check if the hero you want to attack is on sale, conveniently check these heroes on-sale are belong to which party. You can choose to attack one hero in the next time.
If the war is a ten times difference war between offensive and defensive, the victor has a good chance of capturing the hero. If you can successfully capture and occupy someone's high-level hero and treasure, just sold them out it will make you hundreds of thousands of game rs gold pieces. Maybe your forty rs gold which were used to move city will be changed in to heroes or treasure worth about 100+ rs gold.
Refer to the occupied resources, if you can not use up it, just exchange goods with your family, your friends in to rs gold. First of all, you must ensure the credits of whom you want to exchange. It is better to exchange with some known players in game. Beware the scammers.

Shopping market:
In the game there is no so many strongholds to occupy, nether do not have so many players to attack. What should we do in our free time?
Refer to go market, most of the time; someone will sell wrong goods. And also have a lot of selling things too cheap. We can buy low and sell high. Here is a tip: player must be familiar with the market fluctuation, don't speculate on materials, unless you can combine several plutocrats.
To speculate on small speakers, treasure, hero, props, the main point is fast, accurate, resolute and firm. Don't reluctant to use rs gold in your wallet.
Another point is important: you should be able to identify opportunity and capture it. For example: I bought 10000+ horns with price 80 rs gold before new year and then sold them out with price 250 rs gold just in new year’s eve.
After 8 o’clock there are many players will be online. So lots of them will sell goods with very cheap price. And in the midnight you can just buy many high level items with cheap price you just can’t believe.
Attention: you must count deduction of server transaction costs. If an exchange just makes dozens of rs gold, you do not waste time to try it.

Basicly 10 little horns will be enough if you won’t be at war. To calculate well the smallest loss of armor before dispatching troops. Make rational use of hero physical points, don't waste. Resolutely avoid wasting hero’s physical points in attacking defensing war.

  • Be patient. Do not rush to sell things. Check market price carefully and wait for the opportunity to make good purchase with the highest price. Refresh market price frequently.
  •  Investment. The world is fair. Without certain investment, basically there is no profit. The minimum investment + smart mind = the maximum profit.
  • Mind. Make good known with price of what you often trade. Then you can make a fast calculation of how much rs gold you should get before you do an exchange.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The detailed strategy and experience of Army of Darkness Defense - with IPhone, iPad Edition

Army of Darkness Defense is one tower prevent game, including skeleton, ghost, the evil spirit, etc. The strong legions of darkness is marching toward Arthur's castle raids, and you are a hero at the moment to resistance the legions of darkness attack, led farmers, swordsman, spearman, archers, knight and lead the way toward a brighter and fairer future.

Instructions/Courses following:
I started playing the Army of Darkness Defense very late. At the beginning I stuck in the round45 off, and no matter how many times I want to try can not pass it. Then finally I pass through the round55, but could not hold endless round completely. As I don't make enough rs go to upgrade my army, I had to start this game over. In generally speaking, after several times of restarting, I can now bored to death in the endless round. The following is my upgrade strategy and some experience about this game. This is for your reference only.

First of all, the game rs gold coin piece is not enough. If you can get rs gold coin piece enough, those selling rs gold coin business will not exist. =)

1. When your game character powers up over level10, and gets enough rs gold bars you can buy fists and chain saws then. In the middle term just use the chain saw, the fists are purely decorative and useless. Do not upgrade any skill. All of those skills will not be used in the later stage.

2. When character reaches level10, Arthur must turn up. Upgrade Arthur into full level. This the most important meat shield in game fight.

3. Then you can almost upgrade blacksmith, into full level, or try to power up 2 levels is also ok. In this stage you should buy a trap which called pit don't need to be upgraded, which is full level just after you buy it. Before round45, pit distribution chain saw can be enough to make your game role power up to full level blacksmith and just wait for the Arthur turn up.

4. Nothing to do till you arrive at over forty level, then up grade that last tank skills into the full level. This is also necessary. At this time, the blacksmith should arrive at three levels.

5. Then you are free to choose to upgrade cavalry first or demolisher. Just remember don't upgrade Henry. Henry only stocks one, but cavalry can continuous turn up. They can fight together with ten or twenty. Anyway, both of the two have to power up to full level, the question is which one should be upgraded first. The cavalry is main force, the demolisher can help you stall for time in the beginning of war.

6. Upgrade hematinic a wise man. If you have extra rs gold coin piece you can also upgrade the skills of meteorites and Henry.

Several skills in battle:
1. After your character reaches level45, blacksmith reaches level3. If the wise man power up into full level you can produce the Arthur, otherwise don't have to produce the Arthur, it is just a waste of money. Blacksmith upgraded to level 4, and then produce the cavalry. Please note: when Arthur is almost dead, keep the rs gold bar to produce some other Arthur as fast as you can. Try to run back and give up all of the troops, hide behind to Arthur. Without at least five full level cavalries, Arthur must be dead. You can restart your force after one or two times your character should absolute pass this round.

2. Tips of character fight, this is original, no one mentioned. Your main character is very important. The basic principle is to make or ignore all taking short weapons army and carts, just right go straight in front of a potent weapon, use chain saw to chop them off first. These two kinds of enemy have little blood but high damage. Basic in round 42-43 I shut by character’s shot to kill the two of the units. In this way Arthur won’t be not easy to die, and enrich the demand is smaller. After we get round 45, absolutely do not being brave. If you jump out you must game over. My leading character has been dead for many times as I try to pick up rs gold coins.

3. Take your time when you try to pass round 45. The key is in round fifty you must upgrade all your skill to full level. Your character must have is ten level Arthur, 10 level cavalry, full level a blacksmith. These can help you win the fight in the endless round. In my opinion, it is not enough if you only got the three items to pass round fifty. You must upgrade your catapults in to a high level. This will help you stall for enough time to produce Arthur.

4. In endless round the rs gold coins is very limited. So if you can not power up those necessary force to a high level, your character will be difficult to win in the endless round.

5. As the game goes on, the game rs gold will increase gradually, accumulated to a certain rs gold piece, you can buy some props and practical tools, including the stealth and dog props. You can easily over any traps and obstacles. But it still needs the player to turn when you are in invisible status.

Monday, December 31, 2012

How to play Magic Time

[The operating system]
Compared with most of other games, the greatest characteristic of Magic Time is you do not have to use virtual keyboard! The game character will automatically walk where your finger point. It is very agile and convenient.
There is a menu on the top left hand corner of the game. Click and open this, we can see the character’s basic state. Players can change character’s equipment, change magic stone and check items status or use them. If you forget your task, it doesn't matter, there should be a quill pen in menu bar to give you hint of task. Additionally, the indispensable file of RPG game, reading files and switching music is complete. The switch of all is a small gear. Finally let me talk about a luminous icon of rs gold. Click it you can choose to buy the game rs gold, or use game rs gold to expanse magic stone slot.

[The combat system]
The monster is setting for bright ray and half turn-based combat mode. The player and the enemy's action sequence is all decided according to the speed of action bar. It is so stimulus but will not let players too nervous.
The game's basic operation is including ordinary attack, defense, magic, and fled, and special and props, in addition to a BT options. The skull icon in middle, players can spend large amounts of money to kill enemy in just one second. Millionaire can play. ha-ha. In addition, when you start an operation, the system will again let you choose which object to use, rather than directly make operation effective. This mode can prevent wrong operation made by players. It is a wonderful design to players.
The picture below shows action bar, and the life value, magic value, anger value and the head picture of game character. When you attack the enemy or the enemy attacks you, anger value will increase. When it meets the special anger value, character can release the stunt. The effect of special relative will be better that the magic attacks and normal attack. Besides, some skills can also let the enemy into abnormal state, using those skills can let fight easier.

[The props system]
There are conventional props up of red, blue, remove anomalies and quest items. It also provides the auxiliary props which will cause damage to an enemy directly. Auxiliary property is equal to the concealed weapon of Paladin. Players can make directly great damage by using auxiliary property which is also very helpful when you meet powerful enemy.

[The equipment system]
The game equipment mainly divided into weapons, headwear, body, leg guard and accessories. Although the game attack output is mainly depend on the magic stone, but if you have good weapons that will let you easily solve the usual low class Monsters and save magic stone to deal with BOSS. For armor and accessory, advanced equipment will have special effects, such as increased HP or MP, etc. And senior accessory even can resist various abnormal conditions. This is waiting for you to dig it slowly. In addition, each main character of the game can use different equipment. So you should check your character role when you buy corresponding armor and accessory.

[The magic stone system]
The magic stone system is the game a major characteristic. Open the menu bar, there is a pattern liking gems, click it you can enter the magic stone interface. The initial magic stone runnel quantity of every character is only two. If you want to add new slot, players need attack monsters and make rs gold to expand it. Each of the magic stone has detailed instructions. After you equip it you will be able to use all sorts of magic, and also can increase the different attributes. So, you can think about to use different magic stone collocation for your different character. The way of getting magic stone usually is including trading in stores, treasure box and killing monsters. Sometimes NPC will also send you some magic stone.

[The party system]
There are four characters, and every character is good at different skills. And each time players can only choose three of them, so you’d better set your character to one can really refrain from the enemy when you encounter the enemy in first time. In addition, these three female characters have their different outcome. If characters can win their favorite actress and come to the last, you need to experience it slowly.